【主催イベント】Debunking the Myths of Northeast Asia’s borders


【主催イベント】Debunking the Myths of Northeast Asia’s borders
日 時: 2017年2月5日(日)13:00 ? 18:00
場 所: 九州大学・西新プラザ
〒814-0002 福岡県福岡市 早良区西新2丁目16?23

13:00 ? 13:10 Opening Remarks
-Hyunjoo Naomi Chi (Representative of ABSj & Hokkaido University)
13:10 ? 13:40 Keynote Speech
Moderator: Jong-seok Park (Kyushu University)
– Beom-Shik Shin (Seoul National University)
“The Changing Strategic Triangle in the Post-Cold War Northeast Asia”

13:40 ? 15:10 Session 1: Political Geography & International Relations
Moderator: Edward Boyle (Kyushu University)
Commentator:Jonathan Bull (Hokkaido University)
-Takashi Yamazaki (Osaka City University)
“Multi-scalar Contextual Effects on Local Elections: Okinawa in Northeast Asia”
-Bae-Gyoon Park (Seoul National University)
“Special Zones and Territorialities of East Asian Developmental States”

15:20 ? 18:00 Session 2: Russian Foreign Relations in Northeast Asia
Moderator: Serghei Golunov (Kyushu University)
Commentator: Yukiko Hama (Tsuda College)
– Ik-Joong Youn (Hallym University)
“Developments of Russo-Japanese Relations under Putin and Abe and the Korean Peninsula: From the Korean Perspective”
-Alibay Mammadov (Hokkaido University)
“Northern Territories Issue and the Views of Former Japanese Residents and Their Descendants”
-Paul Richardson (University of Birmingham)
“Patience and Pragmatic Patriotism: Putin’s approach to the territorial dispute with Japan”
-Akihiro Iwashita (Kyushu University & Hokkaido University)
“The Abe-Putin Yamaguchi Summit Ends a History: An Epitaph to the Northern Territories”

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