[関連イベント] ワークショップ「アジアに向くロシア:予想と現実の狭間」(ポーランド東方研究所)開催




Joint OSW-SRC seminar: Russia’s turn to Asia: between expectations and reality

Centre for Eastern Studies, Warsaw, 6 October 2017

6 Oct., Friday

9.45 – 11.45 Session I

Russia-China relations: between the marriage of convenience and the alliance in all but name

Chair: Adam Eberhardt

Introductory remarks (10 min each followed by discussion):

  • Chisako Masuo (Kyushu University) Beijing and Moscow: Global Affinity and Regional Rivalry upon China’s Ascendance
  • Marek Menkiszak (OSW), Moscow’s perspective on relations with China
  • David Wolff (SRC), Russo-Chinese Relations: Lessons from a Long History
  • Marcin Kaczmarski (OSW), Beijing’s perspective on relations with Russia


12.30-14.30 Session II

East Asian politics between Russia and China

Chair: Akihiro Iwashita

Introductory remarks (10 min each followed by discussion):

  • Witold Rodkiewicz (OSW), Kremlin’s Policy in Asia: Diversification manqué.
  • Akihiro Iwashita (SRC), An Epitaph to the Northern Territories Issue: A New Era of the Japan-Russia Relations?
  • Szymon Kardaś (OSW),
  • Keiko T. Tamura (Kitakyushu University), Emerging China and Southeast Asia: ASEAN at a turning point?